Screening and Background Check Services

Make TenantMagic Your Preferred Partner For Your Online Rental Application and Tenant Screening Requirements

TenantMagic provides online rental applications with the most comprehensive tenant screening report available to agents, property managers and owners. Our screening process is based on latest technology but powered by human experiences. We provide you a comprehensive rental application with credit, criminal and eviction reports.
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Here is how it works:

  • TenantMagic is free to property managers, agents and owners – applicants pay the fee
  • The applicant receives an email with a personalized link from the agent.
  • The potential renter completes and pays for the application. To ensure a quick screening process, TenantMagic will send reminders to applicants and co-applicants that have not fully completed their applications.
  • Within minutes after completion, TenantMagic notifies you that the application is finished.
  • You get secure access to the signed applications, a credit recommendation along with complete credit, criminal background and eviction reports.

Here are the benefits you get from TenantMagic that you will not get anywhere else

  • Personal Customer Service

    - Our service is optimized to be used with ease by people of all ages. We offer customer support by phone and online for every tenant that requires assistance with completing their application.
  • Rent-based applications

    - The applicant indicates the rent of the desired property and enters the address. You do not have to add each property into our system, after a short registration you are all set to start screening your tenants.
  • Portable Application

    - The application can be used by the applicant for other properties for up to 30 days if they do not take the their first selection.

Do you have further questions about screening an applicant?
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